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Dealing With Possessiveness And Finding A Happy Relationship

Possessiveness In LoveBeing in a relationship makes you happy and excited but it is good to be aware that you may face some problems, as well. Relationships are really complicated as usually two people are involved with different upbringings, different personalities, different views on life etc. It can broaden your mind and you may embrace a new way of looking at the world. On the other hand, it can frustrate you, torture you and bring out the worst in you.

One of the most common problems couples face, is possessiveness. There is a fine line and huge gap at the same time, between love and possessiveness. When you fall in love and are in a relationship, of course you feel so close to your partner. However, the very important thing you need to understand is your partner is an individual person and not your possession. Most of all the couples in happy relationships understand it and act on it. Easy to say and hard to do you might say. Let’s take a look at how to deal with your possessive feelings and find a happy relationship.

Often possessive people suffer from insecurity, jealousy, anxiety and other negative feelings. In short, they feel insecure and vulnerable. It can be rooted in negative childhood experiences or disastrous experiences from past relationships combined with their personality.

If you are in relationship and find yourself feeling jealous and possessive about your partner, try to look at your behavior objectively. Are you constantly checking your partner’s mobile phone, social network pages, even bank account? These are very dangerous signs which indicate you are over possessive.

It is hard to get over these negative feelings, however if you want to establish a happy relationship, you need to find a way to deal with them. The first step is appreciating your own self-worth. Do something you like and enjoy, sports, art activities and so on without your partner. Enjoy and praise yourself for the effort. Eventually your confidence will gradually grow, and if you establish your own world apart from your partner, naturally your focus will shift from everything about your partner to something else like your hobby or your friend.

When you are desperate for reassurance of your partner’s love, you can just ask for a cuddle and a word of love. When your partner says “I love you” and gives you a hug, enjoy it, appreciate it, feel content and move on and don’t be too clingy.